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« Quantum mechanics, Mathematics, Cognition and Action »
Proposals for a formalized epistemology


Kluwer Academic Publishers

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Preface vii Introduction ix Part One: Preliminary Explorations: What, Why, How?

1. Remark." About the Program for a Formalized Epistemology  Fmncis Bailly   3

2. Formalized Epistemology iu a Philosophical Perspective          Hervé Barrf:au          9

3. Formalized Epistemology, Logic, and Grammar                   Michel Bitbol          21

4. Epistemie Operations and Formalized Epistemology:

Contribution to the Study of the Role of Epistemic Operations in Scientific Theories

Michel Paty 37

5. Mathematical Physics and Formalizcd Epistemology: Debate with Jean Petitot

Interlocutors~ Francis Bailly, Michel Bitbol,

Mioam Mugur-Schtlchter, Vincent Schtlchter                                                           73

6. On the Possibility of a Formalized Epistemology            Robert Valleée          103

Part Two: Constructive Contributions 107

7. Quantum Mechanics Versus a Method of Relativized Conceptualization

Mioara Mugur-Schachter

8. Mathematical and Formalized Epistemologies Robert Vallee

9. Ago-Antagonistic Systems Elie Bernard- Weil

Part Three: Further Explorations                                                                349

10 Complexity of the "Basic Unit" of Language Some Parallels in Physics and Biology

Evelyne Andreewsky 351

11. About the Emergence of II,variances in Physics:

from "Substantial" Conservation to Formai Invariance                  Franci, Bailly                369

12. Forli and Actuality                                                     Michel Bitbol                389

13. To Suspended Informai Time                                   Michel Paty 431

14. Thc Constructed Objectivity of the Mathematics and the Cognitive Subject

Giuseppe Longo 433

15. On Complexity                                                 Vincent Schiichter         463

Appendix: Biographical Notes                                                                          487

Author and Subject Index                                                               491

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