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« Complexity And The Economy »
Implications for Economic Policy

par Finch John, Orillard Magali

2005 336 pp Hardback 1 84376 668 X


Introduction: The Scope of Complexity and its Implications for Policy John Finch and Magali Orillard

Part I: The Development of Complexity Perspectives

1.Complexity and the Economy: An Interview with W. Brian Arthur  W. Brian Arthur interviewed by Robert Delorme and Geoffrey M. Hodgson
2. Individual and Aggregate Behaviour: Of Ants and Men  Alan Kirman
3. Complexity Needs Strategy First Rather than Simplification: Why I am a Satisficing and Unrepentant Simonian  Jean-Louis Le Moigne

Part II: Theoretical Perspectives on Complexity

4. From Possession to Property: Preferences and the Role of Culture  Uta-Maria Niederle
5. Landscape of a Prolific Convergence: Fernand Braudel and Institutional Economics  Eyüp Özveren
6. The Naturalist View of Universal Darwinism: An Application to the Evolutionary Theory of the Firm  J.W. Stoelhorst

Part III: Complexity in Organizations

7. Trust and Transaction Costs  Alexander Lascaux
8. Trust in Post-Bureaucratic Organizations  Gráinne Collins
9. Two Complex Lighthouse Production Systems: The Mixed English and the Centralized French Systems  Elodie Bertrand

Part IV: Complexity, Strategies and Policies 

10. Complexity and Industry Evolution: New Insights from an Old Industry  Virginia Acha and Stefano Brusoni
11. The Codification of Technological Knowledge, Technological Complexity, and the Division of Innovative Labour: A Case from the Semiconductor Industry in the 1990s  Norio Tokumaru
12. Technology Strategy and Knowledge Dynamics: The Case of Biotechnology Lionel Nesta and Ludovic Dibiaggio
13. Comparing Post-Socialist Employment ‘Informalization’ in the Czech Republic and Hungary Cristina Matos


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